Baked Profile - Love and Flour

Business Name:
Love and Flour


Your Location:
Salem, New Hampshire

Year you started your baking business?

What do you make?
French Macarons, Custom Cakes, dessert bars, cookies sandwiches, and more

How did you get your start?
Making cakes for friends and family in my moms kitchen!

Whats your signature dessert/baked good?
French Macarons

What is the story behind your business name?  
I feel like our baked goods truly do have so much love in them, which makes them so much better! our business name states two things we use in our products - Love & Flour!

What inspires you?  
I’d say my customers! they inspire me to create the best product i can so i can see the huge smile on their face when they try it!

What do like to do in your free time? 
What’s free time? ha! JK, i love to travel. 

Guilty pleasure?
Truffle fries, or fried gyoza.

What will you be selling at Baked?
French Macarons, Cookie Sandwiches, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and more!

Working on anything new for the upcoming Baked Festival?
Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!