Central Flea Vendor Profile - Mijumi Art

"Why I Create" from Mijumi himself,

"I make art because the thoughts and ideas in my head need to escape. Art is something that I have been doing for as long as I can remember. My materials may have progressed over time from construction paper and crayons to canvases and paint, but the need to create has always been there. I would describe my style as evolving. I start with an empty canvas, a few buckets of paint, and a select set of favorite tools. I build the foundation of my work with various shapes and patterns and watch it evolve into something that looks like an explosion of geometric shapes intertwined with a mess of paint splatters. Don’t be fooled by the mess though…it’s a controlled mess. An organized chaos of sorts. That ultimately turns out just how it’s supposed to be. Just like life…"

Mijumi works with so many different materials to make each piece cohesive to itself, yet different from the rest. Collections are made mostly with Acrylic, Oil Sticks, & Sharpies and land themselves on everything from lithographs to IKEA shelving leaving no subject unexplored. 

Website: http://mijumiart.com/