Central Flea Vendor Profile - NiceNa Design

NiceNa Design brings beautifully vibrant handmade fashions from Senegal and Mali to Boston. Bright reds and deep blues sure to become a focus point of any outfit.  NiceNa also imports material to hand create shirts, scarves, and body oil right here in Boston.

The handmade wearables tell a story through design and color. The amazingly detailed leather beaded bracelets and African Wax Print Earrings are alive and breathing. These statement pieces can't be found at your beloved Forever 21 or even in the country at times. NiceNa brings these to Boston from Dakar, Senegal a home of cultural artifacts including clothing, drums, carvings and tools. The city’s vibrant fashion and nightlife is inspired by the local mbalax music.

Website: https://www.nicenaimport.com/