Artists Illuminated: Christopher Vaughn Pottery

Welcome to 'Artists Illuminated'. A series where we turn the spotlight on our favorite holiday market artists and makers. Today we are featuring South Boston Holiday Market maker: Christopher Vaughn Pottery


Christopher Vaughn Pottery

Each piece of Christopher Vaughn Pottery begins as an individual ball of clay that is hand thrown by me on a potter's wheel. Most of my work is fired in an electric kiln to a peak temperature of 2215ºF. A few times each year I am fortunate enough to be able to participate in the firing of a wood kiln. The pieces fired in this kiln reach a peak temperature of 2350ºF and rely primarily on salt and wood ash for their surface effects. 

With rare exceptions, my work is food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. My work has been featured in shops, galleries and events throughout New England. 

"My approach considers ritual and tradition. As a maker of functional forms, I am inspired by the idea that pottery becomes part of habit - a favorite mug that is essential to a morning routine or a serving bowl that holds a treasured dish at family gatherings.

Time spent working with clay is mental nourishment for me, and the forms I create are intended to add an aesthetic depth to the physical nourishment others get from food and drink.

I focus on the production of balanced forms, while experimenting with various surface treatments that conjure emotions or memories. Textures, colors and prints enhance the structural aspects of each piece. I am aware of and driven by the knowledge that the feel of a bowl, cup or mug is deeply personal; what feels imperfect to one will invoke a seamless connection in another. "
 Christopher Vaughn

Look for Christopher Vaughn Pottery at the South Boston Holiday Market.
For more info on the South End Holiday Market on Saturday December 9th click HERE