Artists Illuminated - Loyal Supply Co.

Welcome to 'Artists Illuminated'. A series where we turn the spotlight on our favorite holiday market artists and makers. Today we are featuring Salem Holiday Market maker: Loyal Supply Co.


Loyal Supply Co. is a design firm, retailer, and distributor of goods for the home, office, and studio. We believe in useful, thoughtfully designed products that make life more enjoyable. We work by the motto Supplies for Life. To us, this means objects worth keeping by your side for life.  We are very particular about the products we carry and the goods we design.

We strive to supply items that are as enjoyable to view as they are to use. Our offerings are built to provide lasting service and longer memories. We look at every potential item through two filters: utility and design. Each product has a use and needs to be able to perform its duty. We also value the design and appearance of our collection.Our store combines home and work. We work hard, but we also value our time away from the office. Loyal’s collection reflects that notion, offering the required materials to literally go fly a kite. Our compilation of items is always evolving, changing with seasons, needs and community interests.  

Look for Loyal Supply Co. at the Salem Holiday Market.
For more info on the Salem Holiday Market on Saturday and Sunday, December 16th + 17th, click HERE