Artists Illuminated - Salem Style

Welcome to 'Artists Illuminated'. A series where we turn the spotlight on our favorite holiday market artists and makers. Today we are featuring Salem Holiday Market maker: Salem Style


"I love Fashion. I love Salem. And I love to Crochet." The story of Salem Style:

"Salem Style was founded in December 2011. It all started with a hat. I wanted to make a hat for my boyfriend for Christmas. I had been crocheting for 15 years and had only made scarves and blankets (anything rectangle). My mother sat down with me and showed me how to read a pattern and make a hat. I found myself making lots of hats and designing my own patterns. Then one day someone asked, “hey, where did you get your hat?” and Salem Style was born!

Anything but your grandma’s crochet, Salem Style offers unique handmade accessories for the stylish individual.

Every item is crocheted by hand, by me, in historic and beautiful Salem Massachusetts."

"Designing and creating accessories is definitely a passion of mine. I am so excited every day to have a handmade business. I love to have fun and just laugh and be silly. I am also a huge fan or tea. I have more tins of loose leaf tea than I know what to do with and it’s incredibly overwhelming. I love yoga and it’s a goal of mine to attend more classes and workshops. I think winter is beautiful but I will always choose a warm destination over cold. I think I could eat sushi every single day. I have a cat named Holly, and I call her my “fur baby” and I love her to pieces."

Look for Salem Style at the Salem Holiday Market.
For more info on the Salem Holiday Market on Saturday and Sunday, December 16th + 17th, click HERE