Artists Illuminated: Three Sister Supply

Welcome to 'Artists Illuminated'. A series where we turn the spotlight on our favorite holiday market artists and makers. Today we are featuring South End and  South Boston Holiday Market maker: Three Sister Supply


Three Sister Supply

"Three Sister Supply was a beloved hobby, that suddenly transformed into a business venture. We are just three sisters from Maine (yes we are actually sisters) who love to create. We throw Harry Potter marathons, talk, laugh and make bracelets all night. Creating brings us joy, it brings us together. 

One day while we were talking we noticed we were all getting asked the same question 'hey where did you buy that?' -- and we were all excitedly replying, 'hey we MADE that!' People were asking to buy the bracelets right off our wrists. We knew we had something here that we had to expand upon. There had to be a way to get our bracelets out into the world. Right before our very eyes, our little baby company was born."

Every piece from Three Sister Supply is made by hand by one of us. We scour flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops,  and friends old jewelry stashes all in the search for that perfect button, bead or charm. Finding these little treasures is one of our favorite parts of creating, every piece is just as unique as you are. No two will ever be the same, it would be impossible. 

In every piece, we finish we leave a little bit of ourselves. It might be our favorite found object, our laughter, perhaps a secret, maybe a faint smell of salt air because that piece we made at the beach. All things we now pass on to you, for you to make your own. For you to create your own memories in, to lift your spirits, to make you smile, to make you feel beautiful. 

These pieces are yours, to become staple items in your everyday wardrobe. To be that bracelet you don't take off all summer. That charm your sister steals every time she visits you. That necklace you wore on your first date with your true love. These pieces are made for you, with so much love, by us. 

Creating individual uniqueness and beauty inspires us. We feel the ability to do it by ourself, by hand, is a gift. A gift that we must share will all of you. The opportunities are endless. We hope to keep growing and expanding. And for our pieces to gain a special place in your hearts. 

We stand for quality beauty that will last beyond a season. Slow Fashion is a movement. And it's here. Hop on board."


-The Three Sisters

Look for Three Sister Supply at the South End Holiday Market
For more info on the South End Holiday Market on Saturday November 25th click HERE