The Greenway Open Market is a juried handmade arts and crafts market. All vendors are reviewed for accep­tance. It is our goal to have a wide vari­ety of prod­ucts by fine artists, independent makers and designers. Only handmade goods are accepted, we do not accept mass produced or imported goods.



Vendor Selection:

All vendors are reviewed for accep­tance by New England Open Markets. It is our goal to have a wide vari­ety of handmade prod­ucts by artists and makers. Considerations include: quality, innovation and uniqueness of the wares; overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work; how your items are represented in your photos; and the need to diversify craft categories presented. To ensure all items are handcrafted, you will be asked to provide the following in your application:

  • A link to photos of your products online (online store, business website or social page)

  • Explain to us about your process and why you think your products would be a good fit for the Greenway Open Market

Vendor applications will be open on our website starting January 18, 2019 and will remain open until all available spaces have been filled. There is no minimum in order to apply, you may select as little as one reserved market, or do all 37 scheduled dates. 

Food Trucks: Please contact the Rose Kennedy Greenway Mobile Eats program directly.

Vendor Fees and Making Payments:

Weekly Reserved Vendor: 10’ x 10’ – $125.00 paid 2 weeks advance
Weekly Reserved Vendor 10’ x 20’ - $225.00 paid 2 weeks advance
Standby Vendor: 10’ x 10’ – $150– paid day of event (cash, money order, or credit card only)
*Standby Vendors must apply and be accepted before arriving at a market

Upon acceptance you will be sent an email with your reserved dates and a link to our Payment Page. Our preferred method of payment is through the Payment Page on the website. Please bookmark this page for fast and easy payments. Payment is due 2 weeks prior to each reserved market. Failure to pay on time may result in removal of your reserved dates. 

Sharing Space:

We do not allow booth sharing at the Greenway Open Market.

Discount Pass:

As a Greenway Discount Pass holder you enjoy significant savings. 

2019 Greenway Discount Pass 10x10 (Saturdays only)  –  $2,600.00
2019 Greenway Discount Pass 10x20 (Saturdays only)  –  $4,900.00

2019 Greenway Discount Pass 10x10 (Saturdays and Sundays)  –  $4,000.00
2019 Greenway Discount Pass 10x20 (Saturdays and Sundays)  –  $8,000.00

Discount Pass Perks:

  • Substantial savings

  • Advance reservations not required

Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Discount Pass holders may not share space with another vendor. Payment for passes is due in full from accepted vendors upon acceptance The number of passes is limited and acceptance is at the sole discretion of New England Open Markets. In the event of a closing due to severe weather refunds of any kind will not be granted.

Tax ID Certificates:

Tax ID Numbers are required in Massachusetts. All Exhibitors must be in compliance with State & Federal Tax Laws and display Tax ID Certificate in booth. This is required for both in state and out of state vendors. If you do not have a tax id certificate, you can obtain one online in a few minutes at no cost. Click HERE to register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Aesthetic Guidelines:

All vendors are required to display their booths in a professional manner:

  • Only sturdy tents with white canopies are permitted

  • Display your Business Name/Logo on your tent, banner, or signage

  • Floor length table cloths are required for all display tables

  • Additional stock and boxes must be kept hidden under display

  • Rented space must be kept tidy during operating hours, all trash must be hauled away at the close of the day

  • Your goods/displays must not extend outside of your tent area

  • Smoking is not permitted

Tent Weights:

A minimum of 40lbs per leg of tent is mandatory at the Greenway Open Market. Cinder blocks, bricks, water jugs and other crude methods of weighing down your tents are unacceptable. This policy will be strictly enforced as to ensure the safety of our customers and fellow vendors.

Below are a few approved links to tent weights online:
Amazon - Heavy Duty Premium Weight Bags
Etsy - DIY PVC Tent Weight Tutorial

Setup/Breakdown, Booth Assistance:

A comprehensive setup email will be sent to accepted vendors the Friday prior to each scheduled market with your space and time assignment. Our staff will be assisting during setup/breakdown, and will be onsite throughout day to address your needs. Additionally, helpers will be on hand to provide temporary booth sitting to allow artists to visit restrooms or grab a bite to eat. Booth sitting will be limited to 20 minutes. Please plan to bring a helper if you require additional assistance in your booth.

Join Our Facebook Vendor Resource Page:

A private group has been created for accepted vendors. This new page will be an internal resource page for accepted vendors of New England Open Markets only. Our staff will post reminders, updates, social media campaigns and other important info pertaining to the markets. Vendors may also use this new group page as an open forum to share ideas, suggestions and to sell products to each other. We encourage you to join after being accepted.

Weather Policy:

The Greenway Open Market is a rain or shine market. By choosing to participate in a rain or shine market, vendors assume all risks associated with adverse weather conditions. In the event of a closing due to severe weather, reserved vendors only will receive a credit only for a future market date.

Code of Conduct:

In order to ensure the quality and enjoyment of the market and to promote a safe and positive atmosphere, all vendors involved with the market shall abide by the following Code of Conduct.

  • All persons shall act with respect toward other persons, their privacy and safety.

  • Physical or verbal abuse to fellow vendors, costumers or market management of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • All persons shall treat public and private property and equipment with respect.

Please report any activity that is deemed inappropriate to our on-site managers. Any violation of the Code of Conduct by a vendor will result in the immediate removal from the markets without refund. NE Open Markets owners, landlords, man­agers and pro­mot­ers reserve the right to restrict or ter­mi­nate any vendor’s activ­ity which, in their opin­ion, is disruptive, slanderous, inap­pro­pri­ate or is detri­men­tal to the qual­ity of the event as a whole. In the event of any restric­tions or evic­tions, NE Open Markets and its affil­i­ates will not be liable for any refund of rental or other expenses.

NE Open Markets, LLC reserves the right to enforce and/or interpret the Rules and Regulations and make final judgment without exception. Exhibitors agree to comply with show policies, Rules & Regulations as stated herein. NE Open Markets, LLC reserves the right to restrict, modify or expel without refund any exhibit that it deems undesirable or in non-compliance.

Promoter Statement:
In the event of any restric­tions or evic­tions, the Greenway Open Mar­ket and its affil­i­ates will not be liable for any refund of rental or other expenses. The Greenway Open Mar­ket man­agers and pro­mot­ers reserves the right to remove, with­out refund or recourse, any exhibitor who mis­rep­re­sents him­self or his prod­uct. In addi­tion, the pro­moter reserves the right not to select ven­dors who may not be suit­able for the market. The Greenway Open Mar­ket reserves the right to amend or add to the applic­a­ble rules per­tain­ing to and gov­ern­ing the Greenway Open Mar­ket at any time dur­ing and before the oper­at­ing sea­son without notice. The inter­pre­ta­tion of all the rules by the pro­mot­ers shall be final. 

Need help? Email us, we’ll be happy to help!

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