In the energizing era of entrepreneurship, New England Open Markets serves over 400 small businesses each weekend, providing them with a venue for their talents and wares, and for the public, a unique shopping experience. Buyers meet the makers, the growers, the chefs, and learn a bit about the goods they are purchasing, where they originated, and how they were created. The vendors themselves, from all over New England and beyond, enjoy a supportive community of like-minded craftspeople, artisans and designers. The authenticity that can be found in the handmade and the independent give a refreshing choice to those in search of the individual. The mission of New England Open Markets is to support that movement.


Discovering the South End Open Market on a spring Sunday ten years ago served as my motivation to take my hobby to the next level. I loved how NEOM captured the indie vibe and the maker fever that was starting to capture the nation. My first NEOM show was in Portsmouth, that led to Greenway, South End and Hingham. Over the course of seven years I have been lucky enough to transition into a full time artist and I have Chris and his vision to thank. His markets have led me to meet hundreds of retail clients, solid wholesale accounts and some of the coolest commissions around the country that I would never had realized without my participation in NEOM. Not to mention the friends for life that I have made. Thanks Chris
— Gregory Strange, Strange Wood
iDazz Custom Designs has been with NEOM for 10 years. The markets have transformed my business and I am forever grateful. By far the best markets, crowds, customers and artisans.
— Trish Kozob, iDazz Custom Designs
Folk Couture has been setting up and selling at NEOM markets for 8 years now. the continued growth and expansion of the markets, the consistency and knowledge of the crowds, and the professionalism and quality of vendors are all things that keep me coming back year after year! NEOM is always ahead of the curve and never static, which is what you need in a creative organization.
— Grave Napoleon, Folk Couture
New England Open Markets has helped my business (TJ Walsh Photography) grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I met more customers and talked to more market-goers than I could have dreamed of. In my first month I handed out nearly 500 business cards to people who actually WANTED them, not just me handing them to people on the street. The sheer volume of customers the Greenway and South End Open Markets attract is unmatched in any other place in New England.
— Timmy Walsh, TJ Walsh Photography
Amy Casher Designs has been happily participating in NEOM markets for over a decade. Thanks to the NEOM team, I’ve had exposure to an appreciative and loyal customer base from the Boston area and beyond, that has allowed my business to thrive. I’m truly grateful for such excellent opportunities to showcase my work alongside a group of talented artists.
— Amy Casher, Amy Casher Designs
When I started as a vendor at NEOM I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make my art a full-time business but with the opportunities that NEOM provided I was able to make that leap. My business has grown every season and NEOM is a big part of it. Plus I’ve made so many good friends and connections though the markets over the years. I’m excited about starting for the 2016 season!
— Carrie Wagner, SEPIALUPUS
I am very thankful to New England Open Markets for providing a stable, consistent selling opportunity for my business, Yumi Jewelry. I joined NEOM in 2005 during the start-up years of my business and since that time, it has tremendously helped my business grow. I’ve been able to increase my customer base, connect with other amazing artists/designers, and find helpful business connections. I’m excited for the upcoming 2016 season!
— Yum Chen, Yumi Jewelry
Our non-profit social enterprise (Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation) participated in 3 New England Open Market events this year, our first year. It’s been great for increasing sales of our hand-woven recycled videotape products that support individuals with disabilities, meeting partners, and having interesting conversations about recycling…I can’t thank you enough!
— Christine, Wyman, (Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation
New England Open Markets has helped grow and establish Lola’s Urban Vintage. I was one of the original vendors at the very first market, and watching the growth all these years has been inspiring and exciting. The connections I have made have been incomparable. I have learned so much about business from NEOM. The memories with these talented people will continue to grow. NEOM has made it possible for many of us to live our dream.
— Nicole Lyons, Lola’s Urban Vintage
My business, Precious Smiles, participated in NEOM as a season long vendor in 2015. It was the boost I needed to take my business to the next level and turn it from a side job to a legitimate income source.
— Lindsay Stewart, Precious Smiles
I have been participating in NEOM markets since 2010. They are hands down the best promoters. My business has expanded in many positive ways because of them, great exposure to the best customers, many repeat ones, great locations of markets and of course the best network of artisans! Great places, great promoters, great customers and great people make for great business!
— Kerry Draichhio, Bella Luna Designs
I began selling at the markets in 2010 and was so impressed that I became a seasoned weekly vendor ever since. It has enabled me to connect with thousands of local and visiting customers each year, who truly appreciate handmade and support small independent businesses. In addition, I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful artisans and be part of this amazing, supportive community. We are blessed to have such a thriving, nationally recognized outdoor market in Boston!
— America Cutter, Camla
Over the past three years, from May through December, we have participated in Arts Markets and craft fairs, nearly every weekend all over New England and we can say with confidence that New England Open Markets are the best organized and promoted events that we do. The vendors are consistently the best quality and most on-trend that we’ve seen, and this translates to very a large and engaged customer base for the markets.
Participating in their markets has contributed to the fast growth of our company by connecting us to loyal customers which have fueled online sales; and by providing strong selling venues that we can count on. Our daily sales averages at the South End and Greenway Markets consistently exceed our averages for most of the large annual events that we do—this is an amazing record for weekly markets, and it has moved us to prioritize New England Open Markets!
— Ingrid Kinnunen, Rusty and Ingrid
The South End Open Market has been integral in my development as an artist and as a means of growing my business. I started vending at the Sunday shows in 2008. It is a wonderful place to get support and tips from fellow artists just as passionate about their art. The comradery and festival atmosphere is addictive. The South End Open Market also connects me to my clients, allowing me to discuss my work and grow a following. I find being out with the public helps me to consolidate ideas, come up with new ones and develop further as an artist and business woman.
Over the years, if I have learned one thing, it is that a show is only as good as the organizer that runs it. It is important that the show has great media exposure and can draw a crowd. A respect for the vendors and what they bring to the show is imperative. I have seen the good and the bad and can honestly say that the NE Open Market is a fantastic group of shows. There are many more shows starting up, providing venues to sell our goods but I would advise that if you are looking to start doing shows, look to the ones that have a track record and a proven following. NE Open Market shows have just that and it has become like family.
— Amy Keller, Bumble Belly Designs
We first started vending with NEOM in 2006. Having a consistent, weekly market in Boston is one of the things that has allowed us to be full time artists/makers. Vending at the markets means our work gets in front of thousands of new customers each week. We have also established a loyal following of local customers, and lasting relationships with other vendors in the community. We can’t wait for the start of the new season.
— Jenn Bennet Gubicza, Zoogu
I have been with NEOM since 2010. It was recommended to me by a friend and fellow seller as the best arts market in Boston and that is absolutely the truth! I love that customers come back year after year and are repeat customers. The vibe is fun and funky and very welcoming to new vendors! The Write Stuff Design cannot wait for the new season with NEOM at Ink Block!
— Kelly Brown Mitchell, The Write Stuff Design